About Me

This can be brief, because you don't need to know all about me. You only need to know enough to decide whether I'm qualified enough in my knowledge of Red that you'll get value from what I write.

I've been programming professionally since 1991, and unprofessionally for some time before that. I specialized in Visual Basic for 11 years, through the 90s, starting with VB 1.0. I was one of the first 4 VB MVPs in the world, when they started the MVP program. Heady days.

Even though I like to specialize in a small set of tools, I'm always on the lookout for new and better ways to do things, and am a bit of a language junkie. Just because I specialize in something doesn't mean it's the only thing I've looked at. I do like when people turn me on to things I haven't seen, but if you feel the urge to say "You should check out X", I probably already have. Unless it's a JS framework or lib, because nobody can keep up with those. And I prefer long term relationships.

In 2001 I discovered Rebol. It was my mainstay for 15 years. I still have a lot of production code running under it, but the king is dead, long live the king. Red is a direct descendant of Rebol, and highly compatible. It adds new capabilities, and some things are different, but knowing Rebol let me dive right into Red when the time came. There were a few adopters earlier than me. Glancing at some folders, it looks like I took the Red pill in 2013 and decided it was the future.

I still bow to the gurus, continuing on my journey towards enlightenment as a software developer, but I do have a lot of what they call "experience", which is what I will share on this blog.