Answering the call

I wish I could say this isn't a blog. The idea of a public journal of my thoughts never appealed to me, and still doesn't. The weight of expected, consistent output even less so (and also why I'm not writing TV series scripts). But I do want to help people and share what knowledge I have. I've done that, since CompuServe days, interactively, on BBSs, forums, mailing lists, and other channels as they came and went. I've also written occasional articles and spoken at conferences through the years. 

Not writing a blog wasn't a stance I took against blogging. I admire and respect good bloggers, and deeply appreciate their efforts. That's why I'm testing the waters. Posthaven seems like a nice, minimalist platform, and I know I need to reduce the effort required to create and make content available if I have any hope of writing more than a single, introductory entry.

Posthaven generously lets you set up multiple sites under an account, so I can experiment a bit. I thought, first, I would do a general blog, using tags to organize and filter, for those who only care about one topic. But I'm really doing this for a specific reason, so the focus will be there initially. That subject is the Red language. There will be some related topics, regarding REBOL and other technology. Perhaps a few forays into more general software development areas. Mainly, though, Red.

That will help me focus, and it's an area where the information may be most helpful, because so few people write about it. As a relatively new language, and one that is quite different, my experience may help others. I don't expect to schedule entries or plan a long arc with an organized plot. It will likely be subject to whim, season, and what people ask about. There will be times of flood, and periods where the river runs dry, or at a trickle.

If I can keep our expectations low, perhaps we'll both be pleasantly surprised.

It's a blog.